Kyoto Room

In the Kyoto room you can breathe the refined atmosphere of the East and the originality of the furnishings, in an environment designed to make the time spent a special experience.
The room recalls the Japanese style, that is, the sober and minimalist style that blends the timeless elegance typical of Japanese aesthetics with the modern Scandinavian style. The elements of sober sophistication of this style are recalled by the low bed in dark wood, in contrast to the cream-colored headboard that recalls the timeless charm of the futon bed. The paintings depicting images of seductive and refined Japanese gheishas help to create the magical oriental atmosphere. The environment is made more intriguing and transgressive by the large mirror on the ceiling and the large glass window that separates the whirlpool tub or shower, directly overlooking the room.
The Kyoto room is available in the standard version with normal tub, or in the version with whirlpool tub.

Kyoto Standard:
4 hours € 67
6 hours € 80
Overnight € 130

Kyoto with whirlpool:
4 hours € 80
6 hours € 95
Overnight € 150

Per il passaggio di 4 o 6 ore nella camera Kyoto si può effettuare la prenotazione telefonica, chiamando un’ora prima dall’orario di arrivo stabilito, oppure ci si può presentare direttamente in motel senza prenotazione.

Contattaci adesso per richiedere informazioni o se desideri prenotare il pernottamento in questa camera

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